Bag Piece


Yoko Ono and a collaborator lie inside a giant black cloth sack, behind a window.
Photo via

Yoko Ono

After the curtain has gone up (or if there is no curtain, at a designated time after the announcer announced the piece), two performers walk onto the stage. Performers may be two males, two females, or a mixed couple. Performers carry a bag large enough for both to get inside of. Bag made of non-transparent material. Both performers get inside of bag. Both remove all clothing while inside of bag. Both put all clothing back on. They come out of bag. They exit with bag from stage.

Thursday June 15th – 1:00pm: Met Breuer lobby, 45 Madison Avenue, Manhattan. 

Friday June 16th / Saturday June 17th – midnight: littlefield, 635 Sackett Street, Brooklyn*. 

Look for the docent/guide wearing the hot pink scarf.

To a queer eye, what is Bag Piece but a portable tearoom?  And what can dykes, trans and cis, who are generally excluded from gay men’s public sex spaces, find to do there?

Duration: 30 minutes to 1 hour

Asterisk-marked performances require paid admission for access.