Easy to Be Hard Cast and Crew

Second Reperformer: Milo Delany Breckinridge

Docents / Guides: Ariel Speedwagon Federow, Zachary Wager Scholl, Margaux K

Esq.: Andy Eye

Diversionary Tactics: Margaux K

Publicity / Press / Outreach: Danielle Wu

Documentation: Milo Delany Breckinridge, Margaux K, Ariel Speedwagon Federow, Low Maim, Malcolm Rehberger

Backchannel / Inside Dish: Abigail Levine

Special Thanks: Jenny Romaine, Ted Kerr, J Dellecave, everyone involved in The Artist Is Absent and Angry Women REvisited, Malcolm Rehberger, E. Piper Forman, the Purim & Artists Council crews, the Tranimal family, Keltie Ferris, Heather Aćs…