An image of feet making marks with mud on a cloth-covered stage (RDLL's "Boxes I"), with a sidebar of documentation photos of 5 classic performance art piecesEasy to be Hard (Seven/Eleven Pieces) is a nine-day performance event, the latest installment of Rosza Daniel Lang/Levitsky’s Critical Reperformance series.

Easy to be Hard (Seven/Eleven Pieces) is eleven reperformances of seven classic performance scores created between 1918 and 2003 by Rrose Sélavy / Marcel Duchamp, Yoko Ono, Vito Acconci, Ana Mendieta, Carl Andre, Marina Abramović, and Tino Seghal. All are acknowledged as major pieces of the artists’ legacies – some as recognized classics of performance art; others rarely thought of in that framework.

Easy to be Hard (Seven/Eleven Pieces) sees performance as a way of knowing, and reperformance as a way of thinking with the creator of a piece and its past audiences, across time and distance. These reperformances challenge what we think we know about these performance scores and how they function in the world. In some cases, that challenge is through a change of context and venue, in others through exploring the gaps between the score and its performance history, and in others through a shift in what body is performing the piece.

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